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Full Kundali Analysis & One Year Report

In this special consultation, we will tell you in detail about the coming 1 years with Full Kundali analysis, in which areas of life can undergo major changes in the coming year. what things should we keep in mind. which field of life will be more sensitive so you can take care about them? it can be any area of life. we will talk about how your career will be in the coming year job or business, what are the expectations for the promotion of next year etc. If you are looking for work, then how long will you get the job? If some things can be able to create a problem, then what you can we do about it? If it is possible, then a special mantra will be given to you for the recital, which will help you in solving the problems that can come in your work. You will be given practical remedies according to astrology. how will your partner be with you? how will your behaviour and relationship be with your children? how will this year be for them? Any big events this year about money, wealth and property. If yes, then when. which months would be good to invest in something? in a way, a detailed description of the whole kundali and one year with all recommendations. We will discuss all aspect of your growth, your strength and blocks etc. and the best solutions.

Please ask all Your 3-specific question before consultation while sending your information. If you will have 2-3 doubts after consultation. Please ask the next day or the same day. The report will be ready after 15-20 day after payment.

There are 2 ways to get a consultation. You can choose one according to your convenience.

14a-Through email - You will get Mp3 Audio (1 Hour) and Vedic Kundali and Vedic yogas in pdf files.

Price- 6000 Rs/ 73 USD

14b-By WhatsApp/phone/online call- PLUS Vedic Kundali and Vedic yogas in pdf files by email.

Timing of calls from 14:30 afternoon to 23:30 night Indian Standard Time.

Duration 1 hour.

Price- 6500 Rs/ 79 USD

Please contact us if you want urgent counselling within 5 to 7 days.

The consultation fees will be 2000 Rs or 20 USD extra if there is availability.

Status message

For consultations please use WhatsApp number ( message)+91 905 8401940 Thank you.