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Child Horoscope

In this report, we will explore every area of your Child's life. Such as health, place in society, your fame, wealth, education, job, business, family, about siblings, happiness, relationship with Parents, ability to fight, victory Ability,  relationship,  Desires and their fulfilments, sudden gains, accidents, foreign travels, education, workplace, fame, the purpose of life, your friends, the ups and downs in life etc. lucky colour,  Gemstone report, which direction will be auspicious for child, which country will be good for the child. we will talk about your child strength and weakness.  which things can benefit for your child? which things can harm, what to take care of, all these things will come in this report, apart from this, you will get an answer for your three specific questions. We will discuss all aspect of child growth, child’s strength and blocks and best solutions.

Please ask all Your 3-specific question before consultation while sending your information. If you will have 2-3 doubts after consultation. Please ask the next day or same day. The report will be ready after 15-20 day after payment. 

There are 2 ways to get a consultation. You can choose one according to your convenience.

3a- Through email - - You will get Mp3 Audio (45 Minutes) and Vedic Kundali and Vedic yogas in pdf files.

Price- 4000 Rs/ 54 USD

3b- By WhatsApp/phone/online call. Vedic Kundali and Vedic yogas in pdf files by email.

Price-4500 Rs/ 60 USD, Timing of calls from 12:30 afternoon to 23:30 night Indian Standard Time.

Duration 45 Minutes 

Please contact us if you want urgent counselling within 5 to 7 days. The consultation fees will be 2000 Rs or 20 USD extra if there is availability.

Please Choose the type of consultation (By E-mail or Online) and language of consultation below in the table.

Status message

For consultations please use WhatsApp number ( message)+91 905 8401940 Thank you.